Blueberry Crossing
240 S. White Horse Pike
Hammonton, NJ 08037

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... and many others!
Our Goal is to provide a high quality outdoor recreational experience, with respect for safety and the environment.

We further want to offer an ever-changing authentic experience.

No matter the weather conditions or field challenges, just Gear-Up and get ready for the adventure of your life!
Top 10 Safety Rules:
1.All rental guns & any tank that says 3,000psi can only fill up at the 3,000psi fill station.

2.Masks must be worn when entering field/target area and remain on until you return to base camp.

3.No shooting your gun until game begins.

4.Barrel covers are to be used at all times - only remove when game begins. So that you don’t lose                    them just hang from your hopper.

5.Once you are hit – raise your arms, (yell I’m out) and put your trigger safety on.

6.Leave mask on while walking off field and re-install your barrel cover.

7.Masks must remain on until returning to base camp.

8.A player is out when a paintball hits and breaks on any part of their body, mask or gun. No shooting               another player from 20 feet away or less. (Distance of net pole to net pole).

9.No moving or modifying any bunkers, barrels, wheels, forts, etc…

10.       All guns must be set to semi-automatic only!!! Absolutely, no fully-automatic, ramping, 3 round                          bursts, etc… Also anyone with their own gun must Chrono to 280fps or less.

Group Package
Bachelor Party – Corp. TeamBuilding – Church Groups, etc…

Private Referee - Field Entry - 500 Paintballs
(with reservation of 10 or more)
$39.00 (3-hour)
Add $10 for Rental Package

** Group organizer receives package for free **

Birthday Party
Ages 10 to 17

Private Referee - Field Entry - 500 Paintballs
(With reservation of 10 or more)
$29.00 (3-hour)
Add $10 for Rental package

** Birthday person receives "One Year Pass" as our gift **
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One Year Pass
Ages 10 and up
Fields - Range - Unlimited Air

- FREE -
When You Purchase
a Gun, Tank & Hopper
Group Hours:
Saturday & Sunday
9am to 12pm  or  1pm to 4pm
with reservation of 10 or more

Walk-on Hours:
Sunday  9am to 4pm
Open All Weather Conditions
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4/1 -  Easter (closed)
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4/22 - BYOG FREE Day
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