Blueberry Crossing
240 S. White Horse Pike
Hammonton, NJ 08037

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Our Goal is to provide a high quality outdoor recreational experience, with respect for safety and the environment.

We further want to offer an ever-changing authentic experience.

No matter the weather conditions or field challenges, just Gear-Up and get ready for the adventure of your life!
Top 10 Safety Rules:
1.  Everyone must sign a waiver before entering field. Anyone 10 to 17 years old must have a
   parent/guardian sign the waiver. Proper I.D. is required.

2.  Baggy clothes are best! Long-sleeve shirt, full-length pants, gloves and neck protector are

3.  All rental guns & any tank that says 3,000psi can only fill up at the 3,000psi fill station.

4.  All rental guns chronograph to a field limit of 280fbs or under. We also require anyone bringing
   their own gun to do the same before play begins.

5.  Masks must be worn when entering field/target area and remain on until you return to base camp.

6.  Barrel covers are to be used at all times - only remove when referee begins game.

7.  Once you are hit – raise your arms, (yell I’m out) and put your trigger safety on.

8.  Leave mask on while you walk to safe area and re-install your barrel cover.

9.  Masks must remain on until returning to base camp.

10.  A player is out when a paintball hits and breaks on any part of their body. Absolutely no
     shooting another player from 20 feet away or less.
Group Package
Bachelor Party – Corp. TeamBuilding – Church Groups, etc…

Private Referee - Field Entry - 500 Paintballs
(with reservation of 10 or more)
$39.00 (3-hour)
Add $10 for Rental Package

** Group organizer receives package for free **

Birthday Party
Ages 10 to 17

Private Referee - Field Entry - 500 Paintballs
(With reservation of 10 or more)
$29.00 (3-hour)
Add $10 for Rental package

** Birthday person receives "One Year Pass" as our gift **
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One Year Pass
Ages 10 and up
Fields - Range - Unlimited Air

- FREE -
When You Purchase
a Gun, Tank & Hopper
Group Hours:
Saturday & Sunday
9am to 12pm  or  1pm to 4pm
with reservation of 10 or more

Walk-on Hours:
Sunday  9am to 4pm
Open All Weather Conditions
May - Graduation Parties
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May - Free 2-Year Pass
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5/10 - Mother's Day - Closed
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5/17 - Ladies FREE Day
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5/24 - Memorial Weekend
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