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All players must have a field approved barrel bag to keep BB's from escaping their barrel when in the no-fire zones. When players are on the field, they MAY NOT remove their eye protection for any reason. If a player needs to defog their eye protection, they must make their way to a no-fire zone before removing.


Feet Per Second Limits (FPS)
All replicas are chronographed with either .20, .25, .40 or .42 gram bbs at fields discretion. HPA and Gas rifles must be chronoed with .40 gram bbs to account for joule creep and remain under the joule limit. HPA guns are subject to have Tournament Locks applied to their regulators. Binary triggers are NOT PERMITTED!
Pistols/ Shotguns
must be under 400 FPS or 1.49j
(0) ft MED on semi/ 50 ft MED on Full (when applicable)
must be under 420 FPS or 1.65j
25 ft MED on semi/50 ft MED on Full (when applicable)
Bolt Action Sniper Rifles
must be under 500 FPS or 2.32j
75 ft MED
(can only be used on certain fields)



Eye Protection

All eye protection must be full seal, be rated to resist impacts and have retention. Mesh googles are NOT allowed !


Age Restrictions

  • Ages 10-12 must wear a full-face paintball mask.

  • Ages 13-17 must wear a full-face paintball mask or a full seal google w/ lower mesh or hard plastic that covers the lower face.

  • Ages 18+ can wear just a full seal glasses with retention; however full face protection is recommended!


No Fire Zones
All no fire zones will be clearly marked. All airsoft replicas will be safed, magazines out, and a barrel bag placed over the barrel of the replica at all times in no fire zones.
Our field boundaries are the netting used to keep bbs from exiting the fields. If we decide to use a smaller portion of the field, the boundaries will be clearly marked with caution tape. DO NOT SHOOT THE NETTING PURPOSELY!
Prohibited Items
Firearms and live ammuntion, any blades longer than 3 inches, Mace, Pepper Spray or any other nonlethal weapon, improvised airsoft grenades, pyrotechnic devices (excluding enola gaye EG25 & WP40), potato guns, or any compressed air launcher, riot shields or ballistic shields. ABSOLUTELY NO ALCOHOL OR DRUGS ARE ALLOWED TO BE CONSUMED ON THE PROPERTY OF GEAR UP!
Field Marshals
Field Marshals are the supreme authority on the field. They are here to give players the best experience possible. Please be respectful and comply with all requests from Marshals. Marshals must be informed of any gameplay problems and real world emergencies.
Hit Calling
Airsoft is a honor sport, the game relies heavily on the integrity of the players. A hit anywhere to the body or gear of a player counts as a hit. Ricochets do not count, nor do gun hits, or friendly fire. When hit a player should yell "HIT" as loud as possible, raise their hand, and assume a nonthreatening position. Dead players may not talk, or communicate in any fashion with other players.
Respawn and Medics
A respawn is a designated area that dead players can walk to, tap and come back to life. Players must go all the way to respawn. They cannot start on the way to respawn and stop for any reason before reaching their respawn point. Medics are designated players who can heal dead friendlies back to life by tapping them for 30 full seconds. Anyone can move a dead friendly player by maintaining physical contact. Medics may not shoot or move while healing a dead player.
Rules of Engagement
Try and aim for center mass when at all possible. Blind firing is not allowed, weapons should always be shouldered and players should have the ability to aim down the sights when firing. All weapons must be on semi automatic inside of buildings. Full auto fire is prohibited within fifty feet. Don’t shoot through small holes or cracks!


When you come out to play Airsoft, attitude is super important. If you have a bad attitude, you will likely have a bad time. Give other players the benefit of the doubt, and remember we are all out playing BB wars in the woods with our friends!


That being said, all of the following carry the penalty of expulsion from the field if violated:


Any language that is deemed verbally aggressive I.E. threats, slurs, vulgar gestures, condescending language.

Any physical aggression or unwanted physical contact. I. E. striking grabbing, shooting outside of gameplay.

Theft from private persons or the field.


All patrons are expected to act with integrity and maturity. Anyone who becomes a danger to themselves or the field will be ejected form the facility immediately.

When coming to Gear Up, there is an expectation that players will pay the admission fees to take part in the Airsoft experience that we provide. If ANY player is found to have not paid the admission fees but has played on the field, they will be sent home and permanently banned from our facilities.

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