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Battle of the Fields

Event Schedule

7:30 AM - Gates Open
8:00 AM - Registration Opens
9:30 AM - Game Briefing
10:00-10:40 AM - First Game
11:10-11:50 AM - Second Game
11:55-12:40 PM - Lunch Break
12:45- 1:25 PM - Third Game
1:50- 2:30 PM - Forth Game
3:00- 3:30 PM - Final 1v1 Battles
3:45 PM - Awards and Giveaways !

GAMES 1 & 2 Rules & Points


Castle Field- Attack & Defend


Attackers: Attacking team is tasked with moving up against the defending team with the objective to put bean bags into any two of the buckets provided in front of the castle. 


Attackers may toss the bean bags from player to player throughout the battlefield. However if the player holding the bean bag is shot/ eliminated that player must instantly drop the bean bag. 


Attackers can not toss the bean bag into the bucket unless they are in one of the orange 

marked bunkers. 


A single attacker can not hold more than 1 bean bag at a time. A single attacker also is only allowed to place one bean bag in the bucket. This means once Tom placed a bean bag into the bucket he can no longer do it again.


For each bean that is placed into the bucket WITHOUT being taken out is worth 50 points. They will be counted at the end of the game. 


8 Bean Bags are provided every 10 min. ( 8 to start, 24 total)


Attackers ARE NOT allowed to pass the front line of the castle.


Defenders: Defenders are tasked with protecting both buckets so that the attackers do not place bean bags in them. 


Defenders can take bean bags out of the attackers bucket and return it to their spawn bucket to receive points as well. A bean bag returned to the defender bucket is worth 25 points.


A single defender can not grab more than 1 bean bag out of the bucket. This means once Tom grabs a bean bag from the bucket he can no longer do it again.


Defenders may also toss the bean bags from player to player throughout the battlefield.


Defenders can not pass the orange marked bunkers.



Max points- Attackers 1200 points, Defenders 600 points

Attackers- 1 bean bag = 50 points

Defenders- 1 bean bag = 25 points




Once eliminated you must report to your spawn point (back net where you started the Period), Tag up, and wipe off any old hits before re-entering the game. 


GAMES 3 & 4 Rules & Points


Gear Up Fields- Flag Holds


Rules: Both teams are tasked with raising one or both flags placed on the fields. A flag is considered hung when the team's flag color is at the top of the pole. 


Once a team’s flag has reached the top of the pole a ref will begin a timer to keep track of how long that team’s color is up. 


For every minute a team's flag is up they will receive 25 points.

This field is played with only one border boundary. So either team can be anywhere on the field at any time once the game has started. 


Once a flag hang is over the .40 second mark in a minute the time will be rounded up!



Max points- 40 minutes = 1,000 points

1 minute = 25 points


Once eliminated you must report to your spawn point (back net where you started the Period), Tag up, and wipe off any old hits before re-entering the game. 



1vs1 mini tournament


Quickshot & Gear Up owners will choose 10 players from their team to play in 1vs1 matches for final points. 


This is played like any normal game of paintball. Once you are hit anywhere, you are out! Gun hits count as well.


If a player is eliminated they must instantly stop shooting and call out/hit. ANY PLAYER THAT GETS HITS AND CONTINUES TO PLAY GETS THEIR TEAM NEGATIVE 100 POINTS.


The player that shoots the other player without being shot will get their team 75 points. 



Max points- 10 eliminations = 750 points

1 elimination = 75 points. 


  • Electric Markers must be capped at 10.2 bps rate of fire. 

  • Your marker must chrono at or below 280 fps. Refs will be checking at the beginning of the day and throughout the day as well. A ref can check any player at any time.

  • The game starts and ends on a whistle or horn.

  • Armbands must be visible at all times while on the playing field.

  • Paintball masks must remain on at all times while on the playing field.

  • Barrel covers must remain on all markers unless in the shooting range or while on the playing fields!

  • All hits that break on your body or your marker set up is considered a hit.

  • Prohibited Items: Knives, firearms, rope, wire, portable shields, sirens, fireworks, rocket launchers, none EG smoke grenades and first strike rounds. This list may not be limited to these items. 


  • Please do not move and dismantle any bunkers or obstacles. 

  • All players must have a Armband, and a wristband to play. Wristbands are proof of payment. If you lose your wristband, you must report to check-in to get another, you may will be asked to pay entry again. Armbands must be visible while in play.

  • Serious injuries such as broken bones, blindness, cuts, etc. can happen while playing paintball. Gear Up Paintball and Quickshot Paintball assumes absolutely no responsibility for any injury for any reason, including, but not limited to negligence and/or faulty equipment.

  • It’s reasonable to assume that not every possible outcome or circumstance will be covered by these rules. No one should assume that just because it’s not in print, that anything becomes permissible. It is for this reason that Skirmish Paintball reserves the right to change or modify these rules for the purpose of safety or fairness, and issue penalties to teams caught breaking these rules or the basic rules of common sense.



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