Target (Field):  Tired of going to a paintball field and firing your gun in the air to see if its working properly?  At Gear-Up
Paintball we provide you a target field to check and adjust your gun.   Feel free to shoot a few paintballs, or a whole hopper.

Gear-Up (Field):  Our classic woodsball field with multiple bunkers, forts, trees and other interesting features.  A field that will constantly evolve, and require you to Gear-Up!  BRAND-NEW FIELD!

Military Speedball (Field):  The military has no time for balloon bunkers that are common with Civilian Speedball. Instead Military Speedball trains soldiers to make quick decisions. Using hard bunkers and a center military transport vehicle to replicate real situations, these games will be fast paced. This field is max. 5 on 5

The Marsh (Field):  You're part of the Navy Seals and you just landed in the back bays.  As you review you situations you will notice that you will need to fight through the thick marsh to advance your team to safety.

Barrel (Field):  The first players to play our fields asked to just play half the marsh field, which is loaded with barrels and log stacks.  They enjoyed the fast play so much, we decided to add this as one of our fields. This has become a very popular field and will evolve as we move forward.

Vietnam (Field):  - As you move up the trail you could use the military jeeps or drums for cover, but to advance you will need to army crawl up the trail or through the thick jungle. Just like Vietnam you will always need to be alert. This field is a max 15 on 15.

The Castle (Field): - A group of U.S. citizens are being held in the castle. Your mission is to storm the castle. You must eliminate the

Team Elimination

Both teams start out at their own base camp.  Each team is given the coordinates of the opposing team's base.  Time to close in, find and remove all of the opposing players from the game.  First team to eliminate their enemy wins.

Capture the Flag

Each team is given a base flag that they must protect.  Teams must infiltrate their enemies base, remove the flag and return it to their own base.  First team to return to their base with the enemy flag wins.

King of the Hill

One team is given the bunker complex base.  The other team is given thecoordinates of the bunker complex and must penetrate the base and reach the command center (to win the game).

Center Flag

Flags are placed in the middle of the field and each team must advance the flags back to their own base.  The team to return the most flags in 15 minutes wins.